<h3>We originate and promote <strong>equity investment opportunities</strong> in the form of <strong>exclusive Club Deals</strong>.</h3>

We originate and promote equity investment opportunities in the form of exclusive Club Deals.

Scouting Investments arranges syndicated investments in the capital of private companies in Italy and abroad.
Thanks to an equity investment platform subject to the supervision of the relevant Italian regulatory authorities, exclusive Club Deals are originated and structured, providing large entrepreneurial families with dedicated alternative investment funds having a single underlying asset (ie. the target company).


Our Expertise

In Italy and abroad, we are able to offer you direct investment opportunities in the form of exclusive Club Deals, according to an investment model we have named as ‘from family to family’.

We operate as Merchant Bank Advisor

We tailor each investment to each investor, from whom we expect both a capital and entrepreneurial experience commitment.

Committed investors with strong multisectoral experience

In each Club Deal we involve selected professional investors, starting from an Anchor Investor experienced in the specific target sector.

We believe in the real economy

We believe in finance at the service of the real economy. That is why we invest in corporates that require capital for their growth and long term development, through an investment model we have named ‘from family to family’, in which each investor participates actively in the development of the project.



Out clients

Ultra HNWI Entrepreneurial Families

We target the most prominent Ultra HNWI – High Net Worth Individuals, to whom we offer an integrated service and a responsible long-term approach.

Institutional investors

The Compliance with European financial regulations allows us to propose suitable investments for institutional investors in Italy and abroad.

Our Values

Together with our network of international advisors and professionals, we can invite you to join exclusive Club Deals, selected thanks to our privileged relationships with some of the most prestigious family, business and financial entities.

No pre-commitment

From time to time, you are free to choose which project to participate in, based on your experiences.

We participate in every sub-fund

By investing ourselves in each of the fund’s sub-funds, we guarantee that we are fully aligned with your interests.

We comply with European legislation

Every investment project we propose complies with European financial regulations.


If you decide to participate in one of our Club Deal, you know you can count on a transparent investment structure supervised by the competent authorities.