BNP Paribas has chosen STPG Tra Partners Scouting SIM to launch its first Certificate listed on the Italian market

BNP Paribas has chosen STPG Tra Partners Scouting SIM to launch its first Certificate listed on the Italian TLX market called Qars TPS – Quantitative Absolute Return Index AMC – Isin code XS2447781944 allowing a broad spectrum of savers to invest in a quantitative strategy that aims to achieve positive absolute returns over the medium term
We combine in a rigorous quantitative process in the analysis of financial markets using machine learning processes and artificial intelligence platforms. The proprietary quantitative process is constantly monitored and validated by professionals who ensure its proper functioning. The goal is to generate consistent returns over time regardless of trends in major international markets and minimize drawdowns.
The portfolio is constructed through a non-discretionary quantitative investment process based on two computational algorithms that run independently to complement one another. In a low volatility market environment, the trend algorithm (TDS Trend Dynamic Strategy) is activated, while the second algorithm (MRS, Mean Revertion Strategy) is activated when volatility increases and there are conditions for reversal of the current trend.
The two objectives to be achieved are as follows:

  • Asset protection through a) Robust risk management process based on proprietary volatility analysis algorithms b) Strict stop loss and take profit levels c) Geographic and asset class diversification
  • Asset growth by a) Active management across a very broad spectrum of global markets b) Computational algorithms identify long-term trends and reversal phases by optimizing inputs and outputs c) Rigorous and disciplined application of the quantitative model (no discretionary

The purpose of this Certificate is to make accessible to all investors an investment process created for the management of large assets by combining the complete transparency of the portfolio with liquidity in a very short time (max. 3 days), creating the conditions for aligning interests between savers and those delegated to manage the instrument.

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