• Bolzano, Oct. 17, 2022 – The Euregio+ Tourism Fund represents an instrument, complementary to the banking system, available to the territory to improve the quality level of the hotel offer of the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol Region. The tourism sector, although penalized by the pandemic crisis and geopolitical events, continues to be one of the main drivers of the region’s economy, contributing more than 30 percent of the total added value, and needs reliable financial partners who are attentive to local dynamics.
  • Precisely because of its innovative and flexible approach, the vehicle is able to support investments in the area’s hotel facilities in order to enhance the value of local resources and accelerate energy upgrades and environmental sustainability improvements. This operation, thanks to the right combination of know-how and financial resources, guarantees the growth of local operators interested in strengthening their managerial skills and facilitates the generational transition in the regional tourist reception system, thus avoiding a depletion of the accommodation offer attributable to factors of an endogenous nature (e.g. governance crisis).
  • Such investments, attentive to environmental, social and governance aspects, will be able to strengthen the image of “leadership in sustainable quality,” also in view of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics.
  • Euregio Plus is also advised on legal and regulatory issues by GIM Legal.
  • Alexander Gallmetzer, President of Euregio Plus SGR says “Our SGR works in support of public partners and in the interest of investors to increase development opportunities in the region. The goal of our instruments is to produce benefits and social spillovers in the region.”; for the Euregio+ Tourism Fund, the phase of involving local stakeholders now begins.
  • “This initiative-which is in addition to the previous ones-was created to give a significant boost to the whole system and its supply chain, helping to attract additional capital to be used to further enhance the quality of the tourism offer,” comments Sergio Lovecchio, Managing Director of Euregio Plus SGR, who continues, “We are already working to involve important national investors to increase the intervention capacity of our instrument.”
  • “We are happy to have contributed to the creation of a project to support a sector, tourism, which is so strategic for our economy but strongly affected by the crisis. – comments Rinaldo Sassi, Founder and Group CEO of STPG Scouting Tra Partners Group – Our company that operates in Corporate Finance, Scouting Capital Advisors, has always been close to the local economy and has developed specific expertise in the hotel sector. This is a first initiative that may be replicated in other regions.”
  • Our firm serves banks, financial institutions and businesses, including tourism, predominantly in the Trentino-South Tyrol region, and we wish to engage in this initiative, which we believe is strategic for the future of the local economy,” comments Paolo Toniolatti, founding partner of Studio Legale Toniolatti e Associati.
  • For Euregio Plus SGR, the work team was coordinated by:
    Michele Lorusso – Head of Real Estate and Urban Development Area.  
  • For STPG Scouting, the work team was coordinated by:
    Attilio Conta – Executive Director 
  • For Studio Legale Toniolatti and Associates, the work team was coordinated by:
    Paolo Toniolatti founding partner of Toniolatti Law Firm and Associates
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