• Bologna, March 22, 2023 Vimi Fasteners SpA (Vimi), a company at the head of a leading high-precision mechanical group specializing in the design and manufacture of highly engineered fasteners for the Automotive, Industrial, Oil&Gas and Aerospace sectors, has reached an agreement to acquire the entire share capital of Filostamp Srl (Filostamp), a company that has been active for more than 40 years in the production of fasteners, nuts and bolts and specializing in the manufacture of customer-specific fastening systems.
  • Vimi, a company headquartered in Novellara (RE) and listed since 2018 on the multilateral trading system Euronext Growth Milan, as per the press release of February 21, 2023, announced that it has achieved total consolidated revenues, with respect to the year to December 31, 2022 (consolidated preliminary figures), of 53.4 million euros (an increase of more than 11 percent compared to fiscal year 2021), with consolidated EBITDA of 6.1 million euros.
  • Filostamp, a company based in Alpignano (Turin), realized total revenues of approximately EUR 7.4 million in fiscal year 2021. If Filostamp’s financial statements had been prepared in accordance with IAS/IFRS accounting standards, in line with Vimi Group companies, the company would have achieved, net of the recognition of lease and rental costs incurred in FY 2021, an Adjusted Ebitda of euro 1.769 million, or about 23 percent of revenues. With reference to Filostamp’s pre-closing 2022 figures, which have not yet been approved or audited, they are in line with those of 2021, with sales revenues amounting to about euro 8 million.
  • The acquisition represents an excellent growth opportunity for Vimi and its parent group, as it will enable the realization of immediate commercial, product and investment synergies. In fact, the production capacity and proprietary technology that Filostamp already has will enable the Vimi group to expand the range of products offered with immediacy, significantly accelerating the “time to market” and avoiding substantial in-house investments in new specific machinery.
  • In the transaction, Vimi was assisted by STPG, through STPG Scouting Capital Advisors, as financial advisor, with a team composed of Managing Partner Marco Musiani, Director Richard Pratissoli and Analyst Eleonora Preto.
  • The Company was also assisted by Studio Bergomi & Associati for tax due diligence activities, Deloitte & Touche S.p.A. for financial due diligence activities, and STARCLEX – Studio Legale Associato Guglielmetti for due diligence and legal assistance activities.
  • Filostamp Srl enlisted the support of Studio Rebuffi for accounting and tax activities, as well as Studio Associato Fieldfisher of Turin for legal support.
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